Travel Plans and Upcoming Shows
in the world of Orf the year 2016
The Event
Monday, August 8th Orf visits Lonelyland to celebrate his birthday Saxon Pub, 1320 South Lamar, 78704
. There may be other improv performances and trips throughout the summer & fall.
It's hard to say, when one is trying to open a brewery on one's own.
Stay tuned for updates!
Further adventures are sure to happen
at other times, in other places, such as Southern California, the Northeast, and who knows where else.
This site may or may not be updated in a timely manner to tell of such engagements

Orf recently made his way back east (DC, NYC, Philly) and hopes to get out west or the mountains sometime this year (GABF in Denver?), but not enough details about times or travel methods are available to post here. He will be based in Austin, Texas, during other times.

If you seek up-to-the-moment information concerning the gigs and whereabouts of Orf,
please e-mail him directly.