Staged Productions

Orfinmagic has produced various stage plays and comedy revues over the years. While there is more focus these days (2007-ish) on shooting short films, performing improv, and brewing beer, the past productions remain noteworthy.

Something Different
An over-the-top farce about a writer who feels compelled to write something... different
Script by Carl Reiner
Directed by Rob Reese
Produced by and starring Orf

August-September 2002

Face Orf
A one-man show
except for the four other people involved

May 2000

a collection of original comic monologues
performed by the very people who wrote them

May-June 2000

Orf By Orf West
a one-man show
that covers the whole road

April 1998

Sketch Comedy without Parental Guidance

a "best-of" revue
of the sharpest and funniest sketches
to be born of Orfinmagic
during the past year

December 1995

Sketch Comedy with Bite

a collection of sensitive, caring sketches
that could make your teeth itch

August 1995

Orfopedic Shoes
Sketch Comedy with Soul

Orfinmagic's first self-named installment
of scripted comedy that is undoubtedly
funnier than a swift boot to the head

February 1995

Unanticipated yet Crystalline Sketch Comedy

the New York debut of original
comedy sketches from Orf
utilizing a title that makes no sense
to all to but three people in the world

September 1994