Every now and then, Orf just wants to throw a little random slice of life at you. It may help you appreciate your own world. It may make you chuckle. It may make you scratch your head and say, "What the---?" Just remember, it's all good.

Coming soon (August 2007) to a Wal-Mart near you: "Faith Based" action figures! By "Faith Based" we of course mean "Christian," because there are no other faiths. At least not at Wal-Mart. And definitely none that might be worthy of action figures.

Minor League baseball can be a beautiful thing. The uniforms? Even better! Check out the various promotions going on at the minor league parks. If you can't get behind "Dr. Seuss night" at the ballpark, with green eggs and ham for sale at the concessions stand, then you just don't love America.

The Treadmill Dance! It's going to become all the rage. Dig the wonderfully inventive choreography in this video from the band OK-Go. One, two, step, turn, kick, turn, slide step! Slide step!

Don't Hassel the Hoff. Seriously. You'll hurt yourself laughing. Check out David Hasselhoff's video, "Jump In My Car." If you can determine how he came to have a left-side drive vehicle that looks like KITT from Knight Rider, please tell us. If you can determine how earnest this is as opposed to how much he is totally mocking himself, please tell us. If you can tell us why, please do so.

It's peppy, it's catchy, it's disturbing. It's Deliverance, the Musical. I saw this at Slamdance a couple years ago. Now everyone can view it online, thanks to the magic of YouTube.

If you've ever know a person who keeps useless things because they might be valuable one day, you know this nightmare. Still, no matter how overstuffed with crap that person's place was, Crazy Pack Rat Lady's House takes the prize. See this, and be amazed.

Australians are trying to start a new sport: TOAD GOLF! I think it's really going to catch on. I mean, ever since that ban on seal pups, people have been itching for a new animal to hit with clubs.

Save Toby! Toby is a bunny rabbit. A cute, loveable, edible bunny rabbit. Unfortunately, Toby's owner is currently preying upon the soft emotional side of the general public. If by June 30, 2004, enough people send enough money to the publisher of the web site, then he will refrain from making hassenpfeffer out of Toby. See the site, complete with photos of the cute little bunny wabbit, to gawk or to make a donation. The guy has already raised over $24,500. It's incredible... I never knew so many people cared for bunny rabbits.

It's a new concept that's all the rage: Five Star Fast Food. Check out the report on how the Improv Everywhere spruced up the Times Square McDonald's, including putting an attendant in the men's bathroom. Very, very classy. Thanks to Russell Kahn for alerting us to this.

Also passed along by Russell Kahn is this rundown of what is possibly the greatest photo-and-running-commentary coverage of a public event that I have ever read, The 'How Berkeley Can You Be?' Parade. The fine residents of north central California really know how to put on a parade.

Got your salsa ready for the chip-dipping extravaganza that is March Madness? Just in case you dont, check out Slate.com's bracket-busting salsa competition. It's spicy!

March 2005 -- Gene Simmons is not dead! Though he probably should have collapsed from living the rock and roll lifestyle, the former KISS frontman is still making music. Not necessarily good music, but music nonetheless. And even better, this time he got his hands on a video camera, a bunch of scantily clad women, iMovie, and a whole lot of mood-altering substances. This man is now officially one of my heroes. Check out this music video (RealPlayer required), you'll understand why. Special thanks to Blair Barnette for alerting us to this gem.

Monday March 14, 2005 -- From the streets of New York City, around lunchtime:

A woman, roughly mid-30s, wearing a nice black coat and typical office attire, tells her girlfriend about priorities and making choices:
"You gotta eat. You either get earrings, or you eat."