You've seen him in soap operas.
You've seen him on cable TV.
You've seen him on the big screen.
But these endeavors were all somebody else's project--and Orf has creative ideas of his own. Many of them.
Check out some sample celluloid (okay, DV) morsels of Orfinmagic.

(If you're don't know where you might have seen Orf's work, you can take a look at his resume here. (PDF format - Adobe Acrobat Reader required.)

Pickles Pickles
Pickles are fun!
And somtimes naughty. Running time 1min 50sec.

QuickTime format, 2MB.

SW2.5: The Pitch Wars SW2.5: The Pitch Wars
Before there were six, there were many.
Visit the website of this award-winning animated short film, written by A.J. Towne, Mark Reilly, and Orf.

Adoption! Adoption!
Orf's one-song musical treatise on bad parenting is currently making the rounds on the film festival circuit, so we cannot show it here at this time. Please check the Tour Info page or the Upcoming Events page for further information regarding where this four-minute gem might be playing.

Final Words Final Words
It can hurt to be too close.
A morbidly comic (and thus really funny) short film. Running time 2min 20sec.

QuickTime format, 220K.

In early March 2005, Sony Pictures and Cadillac announced a promotional contest tying in Sony's new feature film "Be Cool" with the new line of Cadillacs, vehicles that allegedly go from 0 to 60 in five seconds. The contest: create a movie that goes from start to finish in five seconds. Think it can't be done? Just check out Orf's entries:

Keep it simple.
Windows Media format, all 5 seconds of it.
For QuickTime format, click here.

Unexpected Returns Unexpected Returns
What goes around isn't necessarily what comes around.
A mysterious 5-second bowling movie.

For QuickTime format, click here.

Nike Spec Spot Nike: Full Metal Stampede
View the spot that Nike really, really doesn't want you to see.
Running time approx. 35sec.

QuickTime format, 1MB.

Here is the one that started it all... the directorial film debut, seven minutes of silliness, all aimed at the sole purpose of getting into Sydney's TROPfest and thus winning Orf a free trip to Australia. (Alas, it did not. But you gotta love Ayers Rock anyway.)

Staredown Staredown
A tragic tale of love, loss, and good vision.
Running time 7min exactly.

Hosted on, the website of film editor Stefan Pildes.