The People, Purpose, and Past
of Orfinmagic

Orfinmagic was started in 1994 as an outlet for a particular creative writer and comic actor named Chris Orf to produce quality works and hopefully catapult himself to fame and fortune. In the years since it has expanded into an entity that produces original comedy theater, creative writings, studio artwork, and micro-brewed beer. Orf also books individual work for himself as an entertainer at weddings and private parties. All staged productions from Orfinmagic feature the authors as performers in their pieces.

The debut production from Orf, FAP: Unanticipated yet Crystalline Sketch Comedy took place at the Tribeca Lab (now defunct) in September 1994. This was quickly followed by two more all-original shows within the next year, Orfopedic Shoes (February 1995) and Orfodontics (August 1995). A collection of "greatest hits" was culled from these three shows to produce Orfinage in December 1995.

When the main creative force of the company went traveling "for inspiration" in December 1995, Orfinmagic Productions went on hiatus. Upon Orf's return to New York City in September 1997, writing and production resumed in earnest. The result was one-man show Orf By Orf West, which rolled onto the stage of The Red Room Theater @KGB in April 1998.

Following several individual acting stints with other companies (a nine-month run with the comedy-improv troupe Amnesia Wars, several small indie film roles, etc.) Orf resumed writing and producing for his own company's purposes. The immediate culmination of this was the twin bill of Face Orf and Mono-Loggers: The First Movie at the Producers' Club in May-June of 2000. Since then, several more films and written works have flowed forth from the fount of festivitiy that is Orfinmagic. As he places greater emphasis on film and television in recent months, you can expect to see more of Orf on the screen, both big and small--but hopefully he will not vanish from the stage entirely.

Look for future productions from Orfinmagic, which may include any or all the above-mentioned aspects.
The quest for quality works shall not be abandoned!
Thank you for your support.

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Care to see Orf's accomplishments in resume format? Click on the link for a CV current as of March 2005. (PDF file - Adobe Acrobat required)

The Staff of Orfinmagic

Chris Orf, Writer / Director / Performer / Producer / Publicity Director

Michael Amoratis, Graphic Designer / Video Camera Operator

The Writing Assistants Who Offer Much Creative Inspiration:

Andreas Barrett (MFA in music from ASU; now in Washington DC)

Brendan Niemira (PhD in plant biology from MSU; now in Philly)

Stephanie Murdock (MFA in screenwriting from USC; now in northern California)

Mike Doyle (MS in computer network technologies from Northwestern; now in Chicago)

Michael Amoratis (MFA in Design from SVA; now in NYC)

Part-timers who deserve honorable mentions:

Josh Thelin, Assistant Producer for Face Orf and Mono-Loggers;
Technical Director and Stage Manager for Face Orf

Dirk Smile, Technical Director for Monologgers

David Wolfson, Emergency House Manager for Face Orf and Mono-Loggers

Amy Botelho, Technical Director and Comedienne par excellence for Orf By Orf West

Staff members may be contacted via their e-mail links.
Any general questions or comments about Orfinmagic Productions should be sent to The Orf directly.
You may also telephone Orfinmagic Productions at (646)338-4673.